Ruby Ireland first meet-up

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

It took us some time to organize, but we finally had our first Ruby Ireland meet-up last night. The event took place in Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street, a pub notorious for serving one of the best pint of Guinness in Dublin… an aspect we all appreciated!

Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street
Picture by Dave Bushe AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works All rights reserved.

Seven Rubyists turned up for this introductory meet-up. One half were professional users, the other half… envious! Unsurprisingly, Rails was the main topic of conversation, but we also touched on Ruby meta-programming, a personal favorite.

I really enjoyed this meet-up. I don’t know whether it was the night out — a rare occasion when you’re the proud father of two young monsters — or whether it was the friendly and passionate people who turned up, but one thing is sure: I’m looking forward to the next Ruby Ireland meet-up!

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  1. Russ Nelson Says:

    “best” pint of Guinness? Is it the flavour? Or the temperature? Or merely the ambiance?

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